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This program requires that participants be 21 years of age.  
This program requires that participants be 18 years of age.  

We offer many other program that do not have an age limit. Please contact us and we would be happy help you meet your educational goals.

For example, if you and a sibling use the same email address, your accounts may become combined and cause registration delays

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Scholarships: a limited number of scholarships are available for students based on financial need. Please provide a statement of financial need if you want to be considered for a scholarship. We will alert you to our decision and next steps after we review your application.

Leadership for Sustainable Food Systems Application Questions

Business of Craft Beer Career Questions

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Food Hub Application Questions

The Ten-month full certificate program is no longer available as of December 2016.  

Food Hub Detail

Farmer Training Questions

Is there in organization or company that you currently work for? If not, please enter N/A

What role do you play in the organization or company listed above? If none, please enter N/A

Being a student in this course will involve strenuous physical activity (bending, squatting, kneeling, heavy lifting, maneuvering through planted rows) outside during the summer months.

End-of-Life Doula Professional Certificate
Short answer questions-- you may wish to draft your responses on your own computer and paste them here.

Please include when you foresee yourself beginning this work and in what capacity, or explain how you are already engaged in End of Life Care.

Please include any volunteer or professional work experience with the dying.

If you have experience providing care for dying people, where are you in your personal grief journey? Describe the self-care and support measures you’ve taken in your bereavement process. Please explain how you know you are emotionally ready and able to offer support to others facing loss.

You may be called upon to do the following when you are in service to others as an End of Life Doula upon completing this program.  Please click "Yes" next to each item to acknowledge that you understand that serving as an End of Life Doula may require this of you.  You have the option to click "No" for items that don't fit for you.

Personal Statement

Employment History/Personal Statement

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Please list three references, including the reference's place of employment, email address, and phone, that demonstrate your engagement in your local/regional community, economy, and/or food system.

Please list Name, Organization, Email Address, and Phone

Please list Name, Organization, Email Address, and Phone

Please list Name, Organization, Email Address, and Phone
Farmer Training Program Recommendation Instructions: Please include two letters of recommendation from people who know you well enough to give an informed opinion of your motivation, intellectual ability, capacity for sustained effort, and personal qualifications. Ask your references to include your relationship to them.
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