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Finding Remote Internships in High School

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Remote internships in high school are an effective way to gain work experience in a professional environment, develop and grow a one’s skill set, and establish strong business connections.

It’s clear that in the era of Covid-19, the traditional, in-person approach to internships has changed dramatically.  Still, finding online internships is possible. Here are steps your teen can take to find remote internships as well as tips to help them thrive in a virtual environment.

Know Where to Look

Using career websites such as or LinkedIn can help students find remote internship opportunities and make contacts. Students can use terms such as “remote high school internships” or “virtual high school internships” in their field of interest or by employer. Other sites, such as or, list up-to-date remote internship opportunities for high school students.

Network, Network, Network!

Before applying for a remote internship, your teen should contact hiring managers or specific employees to ask questions and network. If a family member, teacher, guidance counselor, or family friends can connect your child to anyone in the organization, that’s a plus.  Another effective approach to finding online internships is for your teen to directly contact organizations and businesses that may not advertise internship positions.

Research Companies Ahead of Time

As with any job interview, preparation goes a long way. Students should do their research on an organization or business ahead of a call, email or interview. Your teen should become familiar with the organization’s mission and its accomplishments, and they should be prepared to answer why they want an internship with that particular company. Make sure your teen mentions in an email or cold call specific information about the company they are pursuing. Students should also attach a resume that includes contact information and make time to follow up to demonstrate interest.

How to Balance a Remote Internship and School

Once your child has landed a remote internship, the real work begins. Here’s how your teen can balance an internship with school work.

Create a designated workspace: Set up a designated area at home where your child can manage their school work and internship responsibilities. Make sure your teen keeps their workspace organized and focused. For video sessions, they should dress professionally and make sure their workspace environment appears neat and tidy.

Plan the day: Your teen should plan their day with time allocated for school work and their internship. Whether your child’s school is on a remote or in-person learning plan, make a schedule—and stick to it—to keep your teen’s day structured and part of a routine.

Communicate: Communication is key in a remote environment. Your teen should be proactive in communicating with internship colleagues on everything from project assignments to deadlines. Make sure your child’s teachers are aware of the internship in case any challenges arise.

Schedule regular check-ins: A student should schedule regular check-ins with their internship manager to discuss their experience and areas that need improvement. If your teen is having trouble balancing tasks, they should address the issue sooner than later.

Internships can help high school students explore career paths even before they’re in college, which can help when your child is trying to choose a major or area of study. A remote internship gives high school students the flexibility of working from home while pursuing their passion.

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