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How to Learn the 3rd Most In-Demand Skill for Marketers Today

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According to LinkedIn, digital marketing is one of the top skills (#3 in fact) to learn this year. According to The Most In-Demand Skills for Marketers in 2023 report, an expert with not just solid digital marketing skills, but an understanding of digital marketing strategy is key to business success.

“Virtually no business could operate today without an extensive digital marketing strategy, and the more important those strategies become, the more important it is to have an expert guiding them.”

Tequia Burt Editor in Chief, LinkedIn Collective & LinkedIn Ads Blog
UVM Digital Marketing Instructor Erik Harbison
UVM Digital Marketing Instructor Erik Harbison

Digital Marketing expert and instructor Erik Harbison explains his top three reasons why UVM’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate sets students apart in the market.

Here’s how:

  • The content is updated daily with the greatest tips and strategies all marketers are using today.
  • Students build a portfolio with exercises and assignments to help them land a job or get more clients.
  • Students get lifetime access to marketing professionals who are not only instructors but also own marketing agencies and work for big-name brands. Students and alumni can ask them anything, anytime.

“We structured a program that would give you the advantages that are much more valuable than any do-it-yourself.”

Erik Harbison, UVM Lead Instructor Digital Marketing Fundamentals

If you’re tired of piecemealing your marketing skills with a handful of badges or digital marketing courses from various companies. And signing up for courses and not finishing them (or even starting) because there is no live connection with other humans.

Join Erik Harbison and the team of expert instructors in the next 10-week session of UVM’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate.