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5 Must-Read Articles for the New Year

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Is changing your job or career direction on the horizon for 2015? Maybe you want to set new goals or aim for a big promotion. Here are five must-read articles we found on Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Harvard Business Review, and Mashable with tips and advice on succeeding in the New Year.

Must-Read Articles:

Make it a Good Year for Your Career

Want to create your very own career strategic plan? Forbes contributing writer Lisa Quast explains that achieving success requires more than luck and more than hard work — it actually requires a plan. Luckily, your plan doesn’t have to be difficult to create or complex. Read more in How to Turn 2015 into a Year of Career Success.

Are You Hindering Your Own Success?

Finding success is all about hard work and dedication. It’s also about avoiding a variety of pitfalls – envy, complacency, low self-esteem, to name a few — that will inevitably hold you back. Inc. contributor Larry Kim offers helpful reminders in his article, 7 Things that Will Keep You from Being Successful.

A Word of Caution about Complaining

A half hour of complaining every day physically damages a person’s brain, according to research from Stanford University. Whether you’re the one talking or you’re the one listening, it’s bad for you. Stephanie Vozza tells us why we should choose our words wisely when venting. Read Vozza’s piece in Fast Company on Why Complaining May Be Dangerous to Your Health.

How to Become the Boss’s Trusted Advisor

How does one become a member of the CEO’s inner cabinet? What traits must one possess? Jacques Neatby says it comes down to a few things, including loyalty, numbers, and humor. Read Neatby’s article in the Harvard Business Review on How to Break into Your CEO’s Inner Circle.

Signs You’re Derailing Your Chances for a Promotion

Getting promoted shouldn’t just be about you. It needs to be about what’s best for team or the company. Lily Zhang writes that before you keep charging blindly ahead to earn that coveted promotion, make sure you don’t derail your plans by making these common mistakes. Read Zhang’s article in Mashable on 4 Ways You’re Ruining Your Chances for a Promotion.