Prepare for Your MCAT

MCAT Prep for UVM Students

MCAT Prep Self-Paced and Live Online courses are open and available to all UVM Pre-Health students and program alumni at a discounted rate.

Program Snapshot


Self-Paced Online Course Cost: $1,080
Live Online Course Cost: $1,500

Learning Format


Additional Details

Next Start Date: See Kaplan MCAT page for specific date offerings for the Live Online course
Available For: UVM Pre-Medical Students and Alumni


  • MCAT Prep Self-Paced Course – $1,080 per student, a significant savings off of Kaplan’s current retail class rate of $1,999 per student.
  • MCAT Prep Live Online Course – $1,500 per student, a significant savings off of Kaplan’s current retail class rate of $2,599 per student.
  • Both Kaplan courses allow you to prep for the MCAT on the schedule that works best for you.


See descriptions below to determine the best option for you.

Expert Instruction

12 interactive recorded lessons featuring some of Kaplan’s top instructors. Prep anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

Our MCAT On-Demand Self-Paced course is a full, comprehensive class equipped with customizable online resources.

Personalized Plan

A personalized study plan that adjusts to your strengths and weaknesses.

Course Materials

Every student learns differently, so we’ll give you the full complement of prep materials to help boost your studies. You’ll receive Kaplan’s best-selling 7-Book MCAT Subject Review, 400+ hours of online resources, over 10,000 practice items—including QBank to create custom quizzes—and an exclusive flashcard app.

This course includes:

  • Complete MCAT course, available recorded 24/7
  • 15 full-length practice tests
  • 10,000+ practice items including a Qbank 
  • 130 interactive Science Review videos 
  • The most available AAMC practice material
  • 540 hours of total instruction and practice
  • 7-book MCAT Subject Review set

Session Overview

Here’s what a typical classroom course looks like from start to finish. Each session builds off the next, and the practice tests are sure to help you feel calm and confident come test day.

  • Chem/Phys 1
  • CARS 1
  • Bio/Biochem 1
  • Psych/Soc 1
  • Chem/Phys 2
  • CARS 2
  • Bio/Biochem 2
  • Psych/Soc 2
  • Chem/Phys 3
  • Bio/Biochem 3
  • Science Capstone
  • Countdown to Test Day

Registration Instructions

Please note, you will receive your access instructions to the course directly from Kaplan. UVM will submit registrants’ information to Kaplan on the 15th of each month, and it takes Kaplan approximately 3-5 business days to process the registrations, so please allow time for this to take place.

Full refunds can be requested and made between the 1st and the 20th of the month (by noon EST on the 20th), for any enrollment requests that were submitted during that same month. After the 20th of the month, no refunds shall be made.

Expert Instruction

24 2-hour scheduled online classes with a team of expert MCAT teachers§ . One expert leads class while a group of off-camera teachers answers your questions in a private chat.

Personalized Plan

Personalized homework assignments based on your strengths and weaknesses. Tell us how many hours and which days per week you can commit to prepping, and we’ll tell you what to study and when. The content that raises your score the most is always prioritized. Additionally, you can test your content knowledge with placement quizzes before each lesson. If you ace the quiz, you can skip that unit altogether—so you can maximize your time and focus on what you need to learn. It’s the fastest way to your higher score.

Course Materials

Every student learns differently, so we’ll give you the full complement of prep materials to help boost your studies.

This course includes:

  • Personalized homework assignments based on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Access to unlimited livestreamed workshops
  • A 3,000+ question Qbank that you can customize by length, topic, and subtopic
  • 16 full-length, realistic practice tests
  • 7-book MCAT subject review set
  • 70+ brand new content refresher videos covering the highest-yield MCAT topics
  • All the official AAMC practice material available
  • Flexible scheduling options that make it easy to fit studying into your life

Course Content

  • Chem/Phys 1: Builing Knowledge from First Principles
  • CARS 1: Reading Passages the Kaplan Way
  • Chem/Phys 2: Math on the MCAT
  • CARS 2: Question Types
  • Chem/Phys 3: Interrogating Experimental Passages
  • CARS 3: Refining your Passage Approach
  • Advanced MCAT Strategies
  • Bio/Biochem 1: Building Knowledge in Blocks
  • Psych/Soc 1: Elaborating on Concepts and Vocabularies
  • Bio/Biochem 2: Analyzing Informational Passages
  • Psych/Soc 2: Research Design and Data Interpretation
  • Bio/Biochem 3: Deconstructing Biochemistry Experiments
  • Psych/Socil 3: Examining and Refining your Strategies
  • MCAT Strategies in Action

Registration Instructions

Once you register for the MCAT Prep Live Online course via the UVM website, you will receive an automated email prompting you to select the live course you would like to join. Please follow the instructions carefully. Note: because of processing time, please choose a class that begins in a minimum of two weeks later than today’s date. The account setup process can take 5-7 days for your access to be approved, and shipping books will take an average of 7 days. This will allow us to set you up in the system and troubleshoot any technical issues if they arise.

You will receive your access instructions directly from Kaplan.

Any refund is subject to approval from Kaplan. Please contact to discuss your options if requesting a refund or deferral.


For questions about Kaplan’s Self-Paced MCAT prep course please contact

Ask your pre-health advisor or visit the Post-Bacc Pre-Med Hub’s Resource Center for a list of other MCAT options.