If you’re looking to become a stronger applicant to medical or other health-professional schools, The University of Vermont’s Master of Medical Science degree is designed for you.

Enhance your academic credentials through an advanced science graduate program. The core curriculum includes The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont courses in anatomy, biochemistry, cell biology, human physiology, pharmacology, and biostatistics. This Special Master’s Program (SMP) is offered both fully online or on-campus with the option to complete the program in 12-months or on a part-time basis.

The campus is home to the top-ranked University of Vermont Medical Center and Level 1 Trauma Center.

The online version of the program benefits from the same faculty expertise as the on-campus program. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a virtual community with their peers, which includes access to presentations and workshops relevant to Pre-health students. Please Note: Students who apply for and enroll in the online Master of Medical Science program can only enroll in online courses. Students who apply for and enroll in the online Master of Medical Science program will not be allowed to take in-person courses. 

This program is right for you if…

  • You have a Bachelor’s degree and have completed introductory science courses.
  • You want College of Medicine faculty committed to your success.
  • You want personalized advising and support.

Program Outcomes: Upon successful completion of our program you will acquire skills to

  1. Identify the anatomical parts of the human body.
  2. Understand the molecular basis of cellular function.
  3. Understand the function, and mechanisms by which these functions are carried out, of the major human organ systems.
  4. Understand the fundamental mechanisms of drug-receptor interactions, as well as absorption and metabolism of pharmacological agents in the human body.
  5. Be able to use appropriate statistics to evaluate biomedical research results in laboratory and clinical settings.

Need undergraduate science courses required for graduate health programs? UVM’s Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program is for you.

Have questions? Email us at mms@uvm.edu today!