Every year, we help thousands of students continue their education. Through collaborations with UVM’s various colleges and schools, we offer:

  • Professional graduate degree programs
  • Unique and relevant credit courses – fall, spring, and summer sessions
  • Professional certificates in some of the fastest growing industries
  • On-demand healthcare patient centered and technical certificates
  • Pre-college programs for in and out-of-state high school students
  • The Legal Issues in Higher Education annual conference
  • And so much more

Whether you’re planning a career change, looking for personal enrichment, professional development, or preparing for an undergraduate or advanced degree; we are here to help. 

By continuing your education with PACE at UVM, you’ll stand out to employers with credentials backed by the reputation of one of the longest-running continuous education institutions in the U.S.

Mature Female Student Working On Laptop In College Library

What sets UVM Apart

Our Track Record of Empowering Lifelong Learning

At UVM, you’ll find cutting-edge continuing education programs and exceptional customer service.

  • 100+ year history of providing flexible, relevant educational options at all stages of life because we believe the opportunity to learn should never stop.
  • 100K Students globally have advanced their education and career with UVM.
  • 50+ team members with a combined 400 years of experience in creating educational opportunities and serving our students.