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Students Learn from Medical Experts in High School Summer College Course

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Hannah Sher is setting her sights on becoming a pediatrician someday.

The New York City-based high school senior got a head start on her medical studies in UVM’s Summer Academy program, a four-week virtual program for students who want to explore areas of study and earn transferable college credit. The program is for high school students who have completed 10th, 11th, or 12th grade.

Sher completed the program’s Health & Medicine course, a high school summer college course that helps students explore the world of modern medicine and bioscience through the lens of COVID-19 in online labs, lectures, demonstrations, and virtual visits.

In the course, students learn from experts in public health, global health, genomics, general medicine, nursing, and allied health practice.

“I want to study pre-med in college and focus on science,” Sher says. “For me, the UVM Health and Medicine course helped me realize that medicine isn’t just about anatomy. It also encompasses public health, epidemiology and hematology. The course allowed me to explore other aspects of science that we don’t really get to learn in a traditional high school classroom.”

Health and Medicine High School Summer College Course

Students in the course learn from experts in public health, global health, genomics, general medicine, nursing, and more. The program helps students discover their interests, learn about the latest advances in bioscience and molecular medicine, and develop an understanding of diverse medical and health science career paths that might be right for them.

UVM’s Summer Academy program’s high school summer college course offerings include Health and Medicine, Biomedical Science and Human Disease, Drones for Environmental Mapping, Introductory Neuroscience, Storytelling with Photographs, and Facing Environmental Futures.

Students who participate in Summer Academy:

  • Stay intellectually engaged over the summer
  • Are exposed to new ideas and perspectives
  • Explore topical content areas such as COVID-19 or the Global Climate Crisis through interactive online courses
  • Make new friends from around the country
  • Pay high school reduced tuition rates or utilize Vermont dual enrollment vouchers that cover cost of tuition

“Summer Academy was super informative, and UVM managed to do it all in a remote format,” Sher says. “It was a perfect offering for what I want to do.”

Summer Academy will be offered online July 1- 26, 2024. The deadline to apply is June 25.

UVM Summer Academy

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