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Become a More Holistic Healthcare Provider

Integrative Healthcare Certificate

Learn how to better care for your patients with a whole-person, holistic approach to healthcare.

Integrative Health

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Program Snapshot

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January 16, 2024

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Fall, spring, summer

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1-3 years

Time Commitment

9 hrs./wk.


Certificate in Integrative Healthcare

VA Benefit Eligible





15 credits


Bring a higher level of care to your patients 

UVM’s Certificate in Integrative Healthcare prepares students to understand integrative healthcare, which involves balancing traditional methods of healthcare with complementary care and self-care. An integrative approach looks at the needs of the whole person. A transformation to an integrative model of healthcare is an approach to improve population health, enhance the patient experience, reduce costs, and decrease workforce burnout.

This whole-person and holistic approach addresses the broad range of issues that can affect the health and well-being of individuals, including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental influences, in order to:

  • Improve population health
  • Enhance patient experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Decrease workforce burnout

The 15-credit Certificate in Integrative Healthcare addresses the philosophy, practice, and policy underpinnings of integrative healthcare and includes exposure to a variety of integrative modalities. Elective options allow students to gain exposure to areas of particular interest.

What sets UVM apart

When you choose to continue your education at UVM, you’ll benefit from our healthcare expertise.

Gain Credibility

Stand out with education from UVM, an academic research institution with rigorous standards and a medical center on campus.

Learn Best Practices

Diet, exercise, and access to a healthy environment are essential to human health and well-being. You’ll learn best practices to improve patient health holistically.

Become Specialized

Experience a variety of integrative modalities and take advantage of diverse elective course options from mindfulness to the impact of climate change on human health.


Who can benefit from an integrative health certificate?

This program provides the foundation of holistic healthcare practices for doctors, nursing assistants, nurses, medical assistants, physician assistants, psychiatrists, therapists, and more.

Students of our program often say they’ve gained tools to provide an increased quality of care to their patients and view their role as healthcare providers in a new way.

What courses do I need to take?

The Certificate in Integrative Healthcare involves nine credits of required courses and six credits of electives selected from the areas of mindfulness, behavior change, travel/global health, health and the environment, inclusion and diversity, yoga/movement, and integrative nutrition and herbalism.


  • HLTH 2010* – Intro to Integrative Health – 3 Credits
  • HLTH 3010 – Science and Evidence in CAM – 3 Credits
  • HLTH/ENVS 2070 – SU: Human Health and the Environment – 3 Credits OR  HLTH 195/ ENVS 195 – Planetary Human Health (offered in Summer) – 3 Credits

*HLTH 2010 is an online class and has a recommended interactive lab, HLTH 1980, a face-to-face class.


Six credits from at least two areas in the following list (with a maximum of 3 one-credit courses in a single area):

Mindfulness/Mind & Body
  • HLTH 2370 – Mindful Eating – 3 credits
  • HLTH 1990 – Special Topics: Wake up! The Art and Science of Mindfulness – 3 credits
  • PRNU 1099* – Compassionate Care for Nurses – 2 credits

*PRNU 1099 is for nursing majors only

Behavior Change
  • HLTH 1980* – Restore, Rejuvenate, Energize – 1 credit
  • COMU 1010 – Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies- 3 credits
  • COMU 2220 – Family Wellness Coaching- 3 credits
  • COMU 2250 – The Science of Happiness- 3 credits

*HLTH 2010 is an online class and has a recommended interactive lab, HLTH 1980, a face-to-face class.

Travel/Global Health
  • HLTH 2770 – Iceland: Exploring Therapeutic Effects of Icelandic Thermal Springs – 3 credits
  • HLTH 3100 – Mexico: Health and Culture Oaxaca – 3 credits
  • ANTH 2170 – D2: Culture, Health and Healing – 3 credits
Health and the Environment
  • NURS 3000* – SU: Health and Sustainability – 3 credits
  • ENVS 4990 – SU: Climate Change and Human Health: Assessing Vulnerability and Adaptation Strategies – 3 credits

*NURS 3000 is for nursing majors only

  • HSCI 1200 – D1: Anti-Racism and Health – 3 credits
  • HSCI 2600 – D1: Racism & Health Disparities – 3 credits
  • PEAC 1003 – Introduction to Yoga – 1 credit
  • PEAC 1009 – Restorative Yoga- 1 credit
  • PEAC 1006 – Yoga and Mindfulness – 1 credit
  • PEAC 1100 – Yoga and the Chakras – 1 credit
Integrative Nutrition and Herbalism
  • PSS 2990 – Plant-Based Healing Medicine – 3 credits
  • NFS 1990 – Cooking for Health – 1 credit
  • NFS 2114/FS 2030 – Human Health in the Food System – 3 credits
Independent Study Options
  • HLTH 3993 – Integrative Health Independent Study – 1-3 credits
  • HLTH 3994 – Integrative Health Teaching Assistantship – 1-3 credits

View the UVM Course Directory for descriptions and availability. This certificate is available to Professional and Continuing Education students.

Elective Travel Study

A variety of short-term travel courses satisfy elective requirements.

Travel Study Opportunities:
  • HLTH 2770 – Iceland: Exploring the Therapeutic Effects of Icelandic Thermal Springs – 3 Credits
  • HLTH 3100 – Mexico: Health and Culture Oaxaca – 3 credits


Applications for admission are accepted on a rolling basis and must be submitted to the University of Vermont Professional and Continuing Education.

The program application requires:

  • General application form
  • Brief narrative expressing interest in studying Integrative Healthcare

UVM’s Professional and Continuing Education will issue acceptance letters to qualified applicants.

Student Stories

“I took away a sense of inner peace knowing that there are so many resources out in the world, in my community, and even at my own fingertips that can be greatly impactful mentally and physically…Sometimes we are often too focused on what medicine, what surgery, etc. can cure our pains and medical conditions. However, there are so many other options and opportunities of care to explore that can be implemented within our normal self-care.”

Lisa L.


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